Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year, Same Stupid Argument

While Felger is the best person on Boston sports radio right now and should probably be President of the United States because he's right about everything, he was not right today.

In the wake of the McGwire news, Felger and Massarotti re-hashed the asinine "steroids vs. spitball" and "McGwire vs. Gaylord Perry" argument. I was thinking about writing about it tonight, but I already did in December 2006.

Gaylord Perry's career was revived by his use of the spitball. He said it himself. It's not quite at the point that he's like Eric Gagne--that he was a borderline major leaguer/AAA sixth starter without his cheating--but very close. But he turned to the spitball as Gagne turned to the juice, and they both got better.

Only difference is, the spitball was made illegal because it presented a risk during the 1918 flu pandemic. After the pandemic subsided, the spitball's ability to harm people big-time diminished. Steroids kill people. Steroids to things to people like they did to Tony Saunders (the Devil Rays pitcher who snapped his arm in half).

Whatever. I already wrote it. You can read it here if you want to. Coming up is a fresh post.

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Anonymous said...


I don't really care about the whole spitball argument. It's also cheating, but I don't think Americans think it's as serious and nor should they. But I'm not even going to get into that.

What I'm here to take issue with is the "I have a problem with steroids because they are bad for people" argument. Who cares if they're unhealthy? The answer is--you do. And that's about it. Come on now--cocaine is bad for players--probably worse. Same for heroin and marijuana and alcohol abuse and so many other things. The fact is this--cocaine, marijuana, booze and heroin don't enhance performance. If hall of fame voters found out that Mark McGwire was coked up during the 90's I bet they'd vote him in the hall of fame, because no one would question the validity of his stats. Steroids, amphetamines, and HGH DO enhance performance. And that's why those substances matter. They help a player play better, hit the ball farther, throw harder and last longer. There's your issue. The idea that they are unhealthy doesn't ring true.

--the Gunn