Saturday, January 9, 2010

Great Day for Bandi

Bandi, one of our most loyal readers and commenters since the very beginning of HYD Baseball in 2006, must be really excited about the way today has gone.

For those who don't already know, Bandi is a big Raiders fan and a big USC fan, stemming from the fact that he spent much of his childhood in Los Angeles before moving to the Boston area. And today is a great day for both USC football and for the Raiders. Here's why:

USC: They no longer have Pete Carroll as a coach. Despite being able to recruit vastly superior talent to every other team in college football, Pete's teams somehow underachieved year after year, having a heinous loss against a terrible team cost them a shot at the national title. Seems like a lot of Pete's USC teams were very good at laying down during "sandwich games" and played unmotivated football. Everyone who followed the Patriots between 1997-1999 know all about this. A lot of the time, even during games they won against inferior teams, they relied on their talent to avoid further losses in which they were outcoached.

The best team in college football shouldn't be playing in the Rose Bowl. They should be playing in the national championship. If they played in the Rose Bowl, it means they underachieved or were poorly coached. Or both.

Oakland Raiders: The Raiders are now guaranteed to win at least one game next year, as they are playing against Carroll's new team, the Seattle Seahawks. You'd think that Seattle would know to stay away from this guy as he had a similar impact on the NFL teams he coached to the impact William D. Adams is having on Colby College: A sharp decline that becomes more and more evident every year. But the Seattle-Raiders game is the classic game where a Carroll team will go in without any semblance of a game plan and have a game full of too many men on the field penalties and players who are playing like they're hung over.

So congratulations Bandi, on the success of both your teams.

Back to baseball on Monday.


Anonymous said...


Thank youu for the post. I just read it.

It is good news all around though USC's recruiting is sure to take a hit. Also lost in all of this is all the violations that are likely to come out at some point.

Still, hopefully the Trojans will get a decent coach in there that will coach his players to perform at their talent level and also make good game decisions.

As a fan, nothing is better than having a great game coach, and nothing is worse than having a lousy game coach.

When Gruden was coaching the Raiders at the turn of the century, I loved it. One of the best game coaches I have ever seen. Just knew how to coach in games.

Carroll could not coach in games. His plan was to roll as many talented players out there as he could at once and hope they would win the game for him. We'll see how that works in seattle.

The Oz said...

Now, the question is... Will USC continue to succeed under the guidance of a coach who has held three different jobs in the past four years?

And is Bandi still happy?