Friday, February 13, 2009

A Clarification and Other Stuff

First of all, I want to wish Pat a happy birthday. He's on a plane headed to California today, so he didn't have time to voice his opinion on how unhappy he is about Kevin Millar signing with the Blue Jays. The name of his post was something along the lines of "Please, Kevin, Any Other Division" and he was planning on talking about how Millar is a notorious Yankee-killer.

I'm sure the Red Sox fans have something to say about Millar, especially about the fact that it's not really that hard to get him out. As far as I'm concerned, he was a (much) more effective version of Dougie Mirabelli--great at sitting on pitches and drilling 450-foot foul balls and line-drive singles off the Wall in left field. But it wasn't hard to get him out. Try the outside half of the plate.

I want to clarify (for gentlemen like JB who had no idea what we were talking about) the tangent the commenters went on yesterday. Colby alumni got an email from President Adams (he calls himself "Bro," but he is not my bro) regarding Colby's financial "situation." Turns out that Colby has lost a lot of money from their endowment, not an uncommon thing because the economy's in the crapper. It wasn't a "please donate money because we're desperate" plea, but it certainly seemed like it was before President Adams edited it to a final copy.

Pat, who lives in NYC, and Gunn, who is from Waterville (which is where Colby is), took great exception to the email and Colby's entire attitude toward the economy. They jacked up tuition precipitously last year and used the excuse of "the college is in rough financial condition." They are fired up that Colby did this, seemingly refusing to take into account that people paying tuition might have just got laid off or taken pay cuts. Colby's attitude toward the financial situation (and I agree with this) is extremely arrogant and self-centered.

Which is pretty much par for the course, as the administration there very closely resembles the professionalism of the administration of Major League Baseball. Which is obvious to how one mention of that email opened the flood gates.

Back to baseball, the fact that Bud Selig is thinking about suspending Alex Rodriguez is embarrassing. It seems that he is just trying to make policy as he goes along. It's like he just wants to save face after not suspending Bonds and not suspending Giambi and not suspending Gibbons and Guillen and not suspending Paul Byrd and not suspending Ankiel and not suspending anyone in the Mitchell Report. But it's okay to suspend A-Rod because he's a big name who failed an anonymous drug test six years ago. Great form, Bud.

Folks, enjoy pitchers and catchers, and have a terrific weekend.

One more thing, to the Yankee guys around here, happy anniversary. Tomorrow will mark five years since A-Rod officially got traded to New York.


Anonymous said...


Not one person that I've either talked to, or heard on tv/radio has thought that it would even be plausible to suspend ARod. No question that he's a classic stain, but you can't suspend him if you haven't suspended anybody before him. And, you certainly can't suspend him without demanding all the other 103 names and then suspending any of those players who are still active. It's just a crazy reaction from Bud Selig.

--the Gunn

from the bronx said...

off topic, but can someone please tell joba chamberlain to shut up?? you would think with only one year of service time in MLB and an embarassing DUI last offseason, the kid would show more modesty than he just did with his "we're always the team to beat" nonsense. he's a great talent but he is too arrogant for his own good and really starting to annoy me.

Jared said...


I attend a private instituion that has also had signifiacnt (7-10%) tuition hikes for each year for the past 6 or 7 years. Our new president (our previous president was the HIGHEST PAID president of ANY college or University in the United States, and also had the largest retirement fund) has just instituted a tuition freeze, in addition to a hiring freeze. This is despite a $20 million shortfall on a $64 million athletic facility building project that has been on holding pattern for 10 years, as its cost has trippled. This is a facility that will not be open to use by the general student body, but athletes only. A facility that will most likely be financed by students and their families, and has already been financed by alumni. NOt that im at all bitter. I go to a school that is 94% funded by tution, as far as operating budget goes. All schools are being hit hard, and it seems very few seem to realize that so are their customers...

Nopoint here, just thought i'dshare another story

the gm at work said...


Selig should probably be committed. I feel like what he did was a reaction to try to cover his own ass against people saying "you're not doing anything about steroids," which, of course, is true anyway. Maybe instead of talking about suspending people, he should actually do stuff like bargaining with the union.


The Yankees are the team to beat, but I agree that Joba should say that they actually, you know, have to play well to be the team to beat. Baseball is not played on paper.

Plus, he's no Ian Patrick Kennedy.

from the bronx said...

its fine for you or me to say the yankees are the team to beat. neither of us is a second year pitcher with no professional accomplishments to hang our hat on. this is becoming a recurring thing with joba. the fans really rolled out the carpet for him, and he let it get to his head. there was the dui las offseason, but he's also made some arrogant comments in the past and i've heard beat writers say things about his attitude. i would really hope jeter (who just got through telling the press you don't get rings for winning the off season) pulls him aside this spring and tells him get a little bit more humble. you just don't make comments like "we're the team to beat." ask carlos beltran.

at least ipk's comments were about ipk and not the yankees. not defending kennedy here, but joba is still basically a rookie and just gave every team in the AL East bulletin board material. i don't know how much that matters over a 162 game season, but it still annoys me.

Ross Kaplan said...

I really don't see what's wrong with what Joba said. I'd rather see a guy who's confident about his team than some guy who's doesn't give a lick about winning and only cares about making a lot of money just like someone else on the Yankees I know.

Back tot he obnoxiousness of Colby College, I've received now 4 calls in the past week from the the phone # 207-859-4399 which can only be a Colby number. It would be one thing if they called me incessantly but it's another thing altogether when I'm being called 7:24, 8:12, 6:53 and 7:07. Last time I checked that's personal time. The next time those assholes call me again after 6 than Colby's SGA office will be receiving 20 boxes of bbq chicken pizza from WHOP.

Pat F said...

I agree that joba should shut his mouth and play, but we are taking that quote a bit out of context. He was acknowledging that, no matter what happens teams are always going to be gunning for the yankees. You see him explain that when you read the whole quote. The hypersensitivity to what players say, especially when we are not present for the interview and only get what tidbits the beatwriters give us to spin their story, are reaching levels that are too high. I'd rather have him be honest than modest, he was spot on in what he said.

Thanks for the bday wishes dv, everyone have a great weekend! Looking forward to talking real baseball with everyone next week.

from the bronx said...

check out this post from pete abe. i really liked roberston last season, and i like him even more now.

"David Robertson got married on Jan. 30. He and his wife went to Disney World for a week.

Robertson bailed on his honeymoon several times to drive to Tampa and throw bullpens.

“She understood,” he said. “I want to make the team.” "

mr.h said...

Bud Selig is a dbag of the highest order. An overpaid, useless turd. Obviously, Arod won't, nor should he be considering the precedents set before him. Anyway, I'm just excited ST is here. Just hope there are more stories from on the field not from the locker rooms of 2003.

Anonymous said...


I don't know if you read Chad Finn's stuff at the Globe website (it's good stuff, I bet you'd like it) but he had a chat today and one of the posters demanded an apology from Finn after Varitek hits .265/360/13 HR this year (Finn has said many times that Varitek is cooked). And all this time I thought that only the staff's at the Globe and Herald thought that Varitek still had an ounce of production left in him.

--the Gunn

the gm said...


Chad Finn is okay. Definitely writes like a bit of a fanboy, but all in all he's decent. His insistence on Varitek being terrible is greatly admirable, but that's probably mostly because he's an "outsider" like Bill Simmons and therefore doesn't really have clubhouse access or anything. So he can't see the intangibles in action. I think Mazz once talked about Varitek's aura. No report on whether the aura is orange like Rick James's.

In similar news, I went over the Tobin Bridge for the first time since the Varitek signing today and I'm glad to report that I did not jump out of the car and off the bridge. I know that there were a lot of commenters concerned about that, especially the Oz.

And I am posting on a blog at 12:04 AM on a Saturday morning. I don't care who knows it.